​Media for System Leaders Solving Global Challenges

CGMI welcomes global leaders innovating solutions to the grand challenges we face today. Share time with experts cross-global priorities, network with some of the brightest minds of our times, immerse yourself in active media and return to your community equipped to create and share new media for the advancement of sustainable futures. 

Join us at one of our locations: Maui, Washington DC, Santa Barbara, Vancouver, BC. 

Courses include:

Digital Media, Music for film, VR / AR Film, Mixed Media, Entrepreneurship & Media, Innovation Sciences, Fintech, BlockChain Technology Applications, Crowdfunding / Crowdsourcing, Circular Economics / Resource Based Economics, iOT, and System Leadership within 8 Global Priorities (Distribution, Education, Environment, Energy,

Food / Water, Health, Justice and Freedom. 

Programs are 3 or 6 months, delivered online. 

All Programs include a 3 Day, 5 Day or 7 Day Interactive Conference on location.

Accommodation, meals, course materials and all activities included.

Film / Media will be produced during the Interactive Conference. 

*Activities include:

Global Think Tank, Filming, Live Streaming, Concerts, Multi-media performances, Mindfulness Practices, Dancing, Paddling, Horseback riding, Croquet, Sailing, Water activities, Golf, Tennis and more. 

*Not all activities offered at all locations. 

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CGMI is an Affiliate of An Idea Nation - Global Think Tank

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